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The Motridal engineering department has fifty years of experience and specialised know-how. The experience gained over 5 decades is incorporated and used in all the projects we undertake .With highly qualified personnel who use the widest range of design tools, from traditional two-dimensional software to the most modern and advanced three-dimensional CAD systems.
Nossa equipe para apoiar o seu sucesso

Projeto realizado com a contribuição da região Emilia Romagna, Serviço de escritório regional para a internacionalização das empresas


  Pipe Conveyors
  Belt Conveyors
  Chain Conveyors
  Screw Conveyors
  Bucket Elevators
  Rotary Valves
  Fluidized conveying systems
  Special Machines

Forged sectional fligthing
Continuous flighting with variable
Continuous flighting with continuos
Complete conveying screws
Special screws
Vertical conical augers
Helicoidal rods for horizontal
   and vertical drilling

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