Motridal uses its 50 year archive of knowledge to its advantage allowing it to be one of the market leaders within the Augers & Flighting division on both a domestic & international level.


The company relies on highly qualified personnel and the most modern tools of design, from traditional two-dimensional software to the most advanced three-dimensional CAD.

The continuous improvement of production processes and the continued investment in modern equipment ensure speed and flexibility in our manufacturing. By listening to the needs and requirements of the sector, Motridal is able to find the most appropriate solution for each and every client.

The company offers a dynamic and qualified formation capable of responding quickly and effectively to your needs, well beyond simple “flighting”. The large stock availability of raw materials, the capability of managing and handling sheet metal, semi-finished or bulky materials, the presses and machinery developed in-house for the forming (with hot and cold techniques) of flighting, the use of robots for the welding of flighting to shafts are just some examples of what the company can offer in terms of quality and production processes.

Motridal is capable of performing a variety of important operations ranging from feasibility tests (for the most complex cases) to the realisation of prototypes (for innovative and/or special applications), the restoration of worn or partially elements, static balancing to sand blasting/painting, from non-destructive testing to the assembly of accessories supplied by the customer to the auger, and more.

In addition to the capabilities of the production departments mentioned above, at the request of the customer, we perform dynamic balancing, grinding, galvanising, chrome plating, pickling, polishing and heat treatment.

Motridal is continuously monitoring the markets needs in order to improve our products and better satisfy customer requirements: this combined with the flexibility and experience acquired over the years, means important results have been achieved in terms of the quality of products and customer services.

In the constant search for the highest precision and quality possible, Motridal, holds ISO 9001 quality certification, and uses strict procedures for the control of each process, with actions (technical and organisational) aimed at achieving full customer satisfaction. prodotti sul mercato.