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Motridal’s Augers & flighting division is market leader in the production and supply of Augers, sectional and continuous flighting.

Founded in 1953 as a mechanical workshop, the company diversified its production over the years before specialising in the manufacture and supply of various spiral components, based on the client’s needs.

Motridal’s main customers are the manufacturers of machinery that utilise augers, from agriculture to chemical, to water treatment, to drilling and energy.

Today the experience, flexibility and expertise Motridal are appreciated by the major players in the Italian and European market.


Motridal SpA, founded in 1953 is an Italian company based in Piacenza Italy.

The company comprises of two separate divisions: Bulk Material Handling, specialized in the design and supply of machines and complete handling plants; Augers and Flighting division, capable of manufacturing metal augers suitable for every application, from conveying equipment to modern drilling systems.

In 2015 Motridal Middle East LLc. was established to support clients in the MENA region

In 2017 a new sister company, Motridal America Inc., with offices and manufacturing facilities in Houston, Texas, U.S.A was founded to enhance the growing presence of the Company in the Americas region.

The Bulk Material Handling division supplies individual conveyors, storage systems and turnkey plants all over the world.

The Augers and Flighting division has perfected the production of metal spirals through careful research in every field in which these components are used.

Motridal is also present in the renewable energy sector with two separate brands, Spyragen and Geospir.


Founded as a mechanical workshop, Motridal has gone from strength to strength to become one of the biggest and reputable independent Italian companies in the bulk material ​handling sector.


Shortly after the end of World War II, Motridal is founded by three entrepreneurs as a mechanical workshop.


Working mainly with companies in the cement sector, Motridal expands its production line and enters the field of loose material transport.


Motridal has over 130 employees and is thriving in the materials handling sector becoming one of the principal companies for transport of loose materials in Italy, actively participating in the economic boom of the country.


Augers & Flighting division is created.


Motridal becomes certified by UNI EN ISO 9001.


Motridal extends its business to outside the country and strengthens collaboration with the leading engineering companies operating at global level.


UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification

Motridal Celebrates 50 years of business


Motridal’s engineering expertise grows constantly, and new machines of the newest technology are being produced


Motridal is Atex Q certified. Motridal starts production of Atex certified equipment.


Motridal finishes development of 3.000m² production buildings creating a total covered surface area of 15.000m².


Motridal designs are completely produced using the modelling system: V3D


Motridal celebrates 60 years of business.


Motridal Middle East is opened in Cairo.


Motridal America inc. is established.


Motridal was among the top 500 SME in Italy based on an analysis carried out by the Corriere della Sera “L’Economia” and Italypost.


Motridal begins the expansion of its operational headquarters in Piacenza.


Our company has installed a photovoltaic system of 370.00 kWp consisting of
high-efficiency photovoltaic panels and string inverters for converting the energy produced. The project's objective was to install a photovoltaic system for self-consumption which compensates for the annual energy requirement.
Union support financed the project within the POR FESR 2014-2020 program (Axis 4 - Action 4.2.1)


Motridal Celebrates 70 years of business.

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