Auxiliary Equipment

Further than conveyors of many types, the bulk material handling system may also include equipment and components realized in order to extract, connect, regulate, isolate, close and divert the material flow.

Auxiliary Equipment

Motridal includes in its production range all the components and auxiliary systems needed to compose a conveyor system complete with all its parts. This guarantees perfect integration between the elements and the great advantage for the customer of being able to relate to a single original manufacturer to satisfy every need.



Rotary valves are often the simplest and most suitable solution to dose or regulate the flow out of silo or hoppers of free flowing materials. Dust tightness and easily adjustable capacity by means of variable frequency drive confirm the choice of rotary valves for this application. Due to a very accurate machining, Motridal’s rotary valves guarantee a perfect seal covering a differential pressure range of up to 1, 5 bar. Motridal has models varying from the smallest feeders to bigger valves, with capacities of up to 1.000 m3/h that satisfy all customer needs, ensuring performance and reliability even with very abrasive materials.


Slide gates are a component widely used in material transport and storage plants. Motridal produce heavy-duty valves with either manual, motorised or pneumatic control. The field of production, in addition to a full range of standard sizes, include special equipment designed and fabricated for specific plant requirements. The valves can be realized in both carbon or stainless steel in all commercial grade. A feature of Motridals slide gate is the dustproofing system that, thanks to accurate mechanical machining and abundantly dimensioned seals, ensures that there are no leaks during operation.


Material diverters are designed and realised according to the specific requirements of the system. The know how acquired over decades allows Motridal to realize functional and reliable equipment. Pneumatic, electromechanical and manual are applied according to demand.


The vibrating feeders are generally used to extract materials from silos and hoppers in a controlled way and to convey along short paths. Motridal supply heavy duty vibrating feeders and conveyor in a wide range of sizes and for low and high capacities. Drives can be by means of unbalanced electric motors or by means of electromagnets in case an accurate and variable regulation of the capacity is required.


In the context of the transport of bulk materials, the need often arises to break up the blocks of material that can form due to pressure, humidity or temperature. Motridal designs and manufactures lump-breaking machines which allow the size of the product to be reduced to dimensions compatible with the transport system used downstream. Available in various configurations and sizes, they are equipped with fixed and mobile blades installed on counter-rotating shafts


Motridal completes its range of auxiliary accessories with expansion joints, specially designed for each type of connection. These elements have the task of compensating for the thermal expansion of the conveyors and metal structures due to temperature variations. The tested design and the use of high quality components guarantee the extreme reliability of the couplings we produce.