Belt Conveyors

Motridal manufactures belt conveyors for bulk materials for a wide range of applications.

Belt Conveyors

Each belt conveyor is designed in compliance with the most advanced and up-to-date international technical standards (CEMA, ISO) and Motridal’s engineering department can provide, upon request, complete system, including steel structures and transfer towers.

Depending on the type of application, the carrying stations can be two or three-roller, plane or concave. Impact rollers, lined with rubber, are used in the loading and transfer points. Return rollers are lined with spaced rubber discs to prevent material build-up.

Return rollers are lined with spaced rubber discs to prevent material build-up. All accessories such as skirt boards and cleaning systems are characterised by high functionality and reliability levels and have been designed and developed by Motridal on the basis of its experience. Motridal’s conveyors are equipped with safety guards and all required safety and monitoring devices, such as pull rope emergency stop switches, speed monitoring switches and belt sway detectors.



Belt conveyors are a proven solution for bulk material handling in countless industrial sectors (mining, cement, fertilizer industries, refineries, waste treatment, etc.). Several features can be added to the design, to tailor the configuration to the project specifications. These conveyors can be installed on ground or on support structures (bridges or galleries), with transfer towers to manage the exchange points.


Motridal produces fully enclosed belt conveyors, suitable for conveying light and volatile materials that may be windswept. Covers are complete of dust-tight seals as well as hinged and bolted hatches for easy inspection and maintenance. These conveyors are usually equipped with Motridal’s cleaning chain which collects and recycles the material spilled from the return strand of the conveyor.


Sidewall belt conveyors are used for conveying solid bulk materials over steep inclinations (even along a vertical line) with high capacity. This machine represents a convenient alternative to a series of conveyors (belt conveyor/bucket elevator/belt conveyor) as it uses only one drive unit and eliminates transfer points. The possibility of enclosed design, minimises dust and material leakage pollution.


Belt feeders are used for extracting material from hoppers. These conveyors are characterised by highly wear-resistant belts, impact idlers with a small pitch (or impact bars) and low speed. Motridal’s production includes a wide range of special-purpose belt conveyors, for example, reversible belt conveyors, mobile belt conveyors, conveyors with movable heads, tripper cars etc.


Motridal is able to supply tripper car conveyors for bulk material storage areas. These are self-propelled machines that travel on tracks incorporated into the belt frame, lifting the belt and diverting the flow of material to the below deposit. The process is automatically monitored and managed by means of a dedicated control logic.


Handling systems often require the loading of several silos or storages with the same belt conveyor. Motridal offers intermediate v-plow discharges which, when activated, divert the flow of material towards the selected destination. The angle of incidence, the number of plows, the construction material and the actuation mechanism are selected considering the flow rate and belt speed to optimize the product discharging.