The experience gained over seven decades of activity supports and it is incorporated in all Motridal projects. Our highly qualified engineering team employs the widest range of design tools, from 3D computer-aided design systems to the ultimate simulation softwares.


Both the design of individual conveyors and the engineering of major international projects are carried out within Motridal’s organization, thus assuring that customers receive high-quality, reliable, and customized solutions.

Detailed risk analysis and operability assessments of the complete handling systems are provided using 3D design review softwares.

Motridal’s skills include:

– deep knowledge of most various bulk materials for different industries;
– enhanced mechanical design capabilities through the latest CAD and FEM softwares;
– complex structural calculation for static and dynamic frameworks;
– expertise in PLC implementation for the control and monitoring of the provided packages;
– proactive project management capabilities to ensure timely delivery and the complete satisfaction of the client.