Bucket Elevators

Motridal produces a wide range of bucket elevators, including low speed bucket elevators with central discharge and bucket elevators with peripheral discharge, in either belt, single or double chain form.

Bucket Elevators

High capacity continuous discharge chain bucket elevators and central chain bucket elevators complete the product range. Thanks to the variety of products, Motridal can select the best type of machine for every type of requirement and application (capacity, material to be handled, service requirements…). Motridal can manufacture bucket elevators, with high-capacity (more than 1.000 t/h) and heights over 90 m.



Motridal can provide double chain bucket elevators with smooth or sprocket wheels (for heavy duty applications). The bucket elevator wheels have bolted rims easily replaceable fabricated in wear resistant steel.Motridal’s double chain bucket elevators are available with sectional chains and shackles in accordance with DIN system. Other bucket mounting systems which allow the use of continuous chains in various types are available to fit the most demanding application. Bucket elevators with central discharge are used to prevent material breakage and degradation.


High-speed bucket elevators with long centre distances, intended for heavy-duty use, can be equipped with a traction element composed of a single chain.This system allows for a long service life of the chain, thanks to the specific chain design employing rotating pins. Furthermore, the use of a single traction element guarantees a perfect bucket alignment in every working condition. Motridal’s central chain bucket elevators are available both with smooth or sprocket wheels depending on the application required.


This type of bucket elevator works at a speed of 0.6 m/s and are the most suitable solution for the gentle handling of material with very abrasive characteristics even at high capacities. The continuous discharge system, where the back of the preceding bucket works as a discharge sliding surface for the material unloaded by the following bucket, guarantees that dust generation is minimized.


Belt bucket elevators are used for conveying fine materials at long centre distances. The traction element of these machines is a belt with Nylon-Polyester carcass with a rubber cover; a steel cord carcass belt is also available for heavy-duty applications.