Apron Conveyors

The apron conveyors have many functions in the field of transport of bulk materials. Very hot, heavy, sharp and abrasive materials often require the use of these machines.


The principle of operation involves the use of a double chain drive on which steel plates are bolted forming the movable surface that supports and transports the material. The flow rate, size and temperature of the conveyed material and the inclination of the conveyor determine the characteristics of the plates of a single machine. Therefore, despite using the same principle of operation, from a constructive point of view the conveyors can be substantially different from each other.


This equipment combines the robustness of a chain apron conveyor with the efficiency of a standard belt conveyor, by rivetting a rubber belt to steel apron bars. The bars are then bolted to the conveying chains, which are moved by double sprocket wheels. The surface feeder is designed to receive bulk material (powders, granules, pellets as well as wet and sticky materials) from trucks, and provide a controlled flowrate to the downstream conveyors. Contrary to conventional underground hoppers, this solution minimizes civil works. Dust generation during loading activities is limited thanks to the low drop height, and dust collecting system can be easily integrated to further improve the performances.