Motridals production range includes stacker and reclaimer systems. These machines can work both in manual or automatic mode with different types of control.



Depending on the type of storage required and the characteristics of the material, Motridal produces machines with rotating and/or swiveling arms for deposits circular or longitudinal deposits. The optimization of the storage surface can be studied and proposed by Motridal specialists in order to minimize the cost/capacity and to better adapt to the available area for application.

Motridal stackers are manufactured using the highest standards of safety and quality guaranteeing extreme ease of operation and reliability.




The product range includes machines longitudinal single and double portal. The machines are designed for the specific application with flow rates up to 1200 TPH and are able to work on piles up to 60m wide. The use of sophisticated sensors of the latest generation allows the operator to have a complete control of the machine, that combined with a proven system of monitoring and automatic correction gives the machine a high degree of operational reliability and a remarkable durability. The mechanical components of premium quality and innovative technical solutions make the Motridal machine particularly suitable for demanding applications.



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